Hot Wheels track with 10 loops breaks world record

A pair of brothers in India broke a Guinness World Record when they designed a Hot Wheels toy car track with 10 loops.

Rohan and Rahul Dayal of Mumbai said it took them three days to build the adjustable-angle wooden platform to hold their track.

“Testing was initially with few loops and as we increased the loops and the length of the track, the project became challenging,” Rohan Dayal told Guinness World Records. “Since the track became long it needed to be supported on a firmer wooden platform. The longer the platform, the greater was the weight and bending in the center.”

Rohan Dayal said the brothers only needed to purchase a few pieces of track, as they already had an extensive Hot Wheels collection. He said they decided to take on the world record for most loop the loops in a Hot Wheels track after learning the previous record had stood at eight.

The brothers said they are now considering attempting to beat their own record by adding more loops to the track.